Android is a Linux-based revolutionary operating system which is used for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android operating system is developed by Open Handset Alliance which is a consortium of multiple IT companies including Google.

Why Android Application Development by Xequre?

  • We have an experienced team of Android Mobile Application developers who have a number of Android Application Projects under their belt.
  • Our creative team is well versed with user-friendly interface for Android Applications. We use advanced 2D and 3D tools to create interactive Android designs.
  • We provide Iphone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile Application Porting to Android Applications.

Android Development For Businesses.

At Xequre, we create Android applications for :

  • Ecommerce and Online Shopping Portals
  • Entertainment Applications
  • Online Games
  • Online News and Media Businesses
  • Online Search Tools and Locators
  • Social Networking Portals
  • Utility Services
  • Dictionary Services
  • Business and Finance
  • Online Messengers

Android Application Development Services Provided at Xequre are:

  • Customized Android App Development
  • Android Games Creation
  • Book Publishing Android Applications
  • Widget Development for Android
  • Multimedia Based Android Applications Development
  • Entertainment Related Android Apps Development
  • UI Design Services for Android
  • Web Service Integration for Android
  • Website Development for Android Mobile
  • Android Applications For Businesses
  • Android Applications for Ecommerce

For further queries and questions, feel free to contact our Android Application Development lead through Contact Form.